Sunday, January 20, 2013

Historical laziness

Well, if my blog was in history textbooks, I think this would be the most easiest lesson.

Inactive for so long, I kinda lost my touch.
So I have decided to get it back.

Cleaning the cobwebs of my brain. Something's in there!
Yup, it's a little rusty but let's hope I can get that humour back in my head.

So, I hereby vow to add Blogspot as a bookmark on my browser and ensure this blog gets updated, if not for your enjoyment, than to ensure that my mom knows that I'm still alive. (I did suggest twitter to her, but she's just not into it)

So what can you expect?
-Sarcastic posts on the everyday life
-Satirical posts on current affairs
-Poke fun on idiots running the country
-Conversations of inanimate objects

Come back to my blog if you want to!
No, I won't keep your family hostage if you don't read my blog.