Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mocking Problems

It's really irritating, frustrating and you keep banging your head. The moment you get closer, more tension rises. You look at the clock, and you think for a split second on how much time you have.

You have seen the other problems, and they were all 'no-problemo'. Obviously, when the person next to you is a genius and you can easily copy from him/her.

And it's just this one you are stuck at. Why?
The genius has finished his paper and left, basking the glory, and enjoying the sun. You scope around the classroom for a check. There are still people struggling. The invigilator has her back turned to you. Someone mimes you a question number, and you mouth back the answer. 

Ok, let's get back to the game. You don't have time. Clock's ticking. Clear your thoughts and let the mind guide you. 

And you see it through. You are getting there. A few more lines, and there is the answer. You have triumphed. But when you look at the answer, it's mocking you back. Like seriously. And you can't wonder asking:

"Why the f*** I spent twenty minutes on that stupid sum just to get a brilliant answer like zero?"

Yeah, all efforts spent for nothing.